Types of Salesforce Cloud for Business Growth in 2024

Every business across the globe need a software application to manage their customer relationship services. To ease this process Salesforce is a reputed CRM used widely. You can take your services to cloud platform for data management, storage facility and more. If cloud migration services is your next business venture, this blog covers everything you need to know before moving ahead.  

Salesforce provides a comprehensive growth solution for businesses of all sizes. Being a SaaS application it allows customers to develop their own applications and effectively market their products. Choosing Salesforce development for your business puts you in the list of reputed brands like Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

Through a unified cloud platform, your organization get access to a wide range of industry offerings. The presence of process automation within your operations, results into seamless and convenient workflows.

So, let’s explore the different Salesforce Clouds available for keeping a check on the company’s sales, marketing, and customer relationships.

Salesforce Cloud Types

Salesforce was launched as a CRM and sales automation platform but gradually build itself as a cloud-based CRM. Today, Salesforce is the most popular and market dominant by embracing latest technologies and futuristic approach. They have developed different cloud platforms ready for production.

1.  Salesforce Sales Cloud

A major challenge for business groups is to streamline the sales process and facilitate customer data across multiple channels. To ease this concern, Salesforce Sales Cloud is designed to generate leads and boost sales. It is a perfect addition for both B2B and B2C businesses offering well-structured and a unified platform. Cloud admin can manage customer data and communication through different channels. It supports companies to make desired customization to address their specific needs and access data in real-time at one place. When combined with the Digital Storefront, companies can personalize products, and customer journeys, and drive increased profitability. So, businesses facing the challenge of disorganized customer data or keeping a check on tracking work, Sales Cloud is the perfect option.

2. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Email automation, service marketing and promoting on social platforms has become streamlined than ever with Salesforce marketing cloud. You can even take a step ahead by utilizing SMS and push notifications for bringing a touch of personalized services. The platform has futuristic data analytics capabilities to automate marketing across multiple channels.

You can track customer interactions and their progress in sales funnel. Cross-channel journeys and simplifying the post-purchase communication, like tracking shipments and order fulfillment is easy to meet. The availability of Einstein tool supports personalized communication and brings features of Artificial Intelligence. So, if you are in the hunt of a superb marketing campaign tool, the Marketing Cloud is your next platform. 

3. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

An advanced e-commerce platform is always a necessity for business groups to meet the changing demands of the industry. SaaS solution like Salesforce Commerce Cloud has revolutionized the e-commerce by offering advanced functionalities which was missing to stay relevant and flexible. You have access to comprehensive support, a cutting-edge and scalable B2C functionality. Commerce Cloud is rapidly evolving to stay at the forefront and provide advanced features. One major addition it has recently included is the integration with Instagram and other Salesforce tools. All is done to empower businesses in their e-commerce journey. Boost your commerce business with the seamless and effective Salesforce integration.

4. Salesforce Service Cloud

Another Salesforce cloud to integrate in your business model is Service cloud. It is a help desk and cloud-based customer service solution assisting companies to address queries and deliver real-time customer support. Being a scalable and SaaS model it offers multiple benefits for a business group. These benefits comprise of improved customer satisfaction scores, live agent support, social media support, and lower maintenance costs. For timely response, this Salesforce development cloud uses natural language processing and AI. It assists service providers/agents with access of suggested responses, improving efficiency and customer interactions. A multifunctional dashboard is available to track customer interactions and assist sales agents to understand the whole context of every case. Business can even integrate voice features, allowing phone conversations and recording of the notes. The custom reports and dashboards bring a proper view of customers details, comprising of their orders, customer support history, and overall action plan. 

5. Einstein Analytics Cloud

Salesforce platform has a powerful component named Einstein Analytics Cloud. It has redefined the way businesses analyze and visualize their data. Bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities and advanced analytics within the same tool has helped organizations to gain valuable insights, make smart decisions, and drive business growth. Stakeholders can manage complex data sets effortlessly, having a deeper understanding of their customers. The cloud-based functionality of Einstein Analytics helps in seamless integration with business data and external sources. This gives a comprehensive view of the organization’s business operations. It supports a wide array of data sources, consisting of spreadsheets, databases, and social platforms. Being integrated with AI-driven analytics capabilities, interactive dashboards, predictive modeling, and seamless integration, organizations can make smarter decisions, drive innovation, and achieve desired success in current digital world. Get your business needs fulfilled with the Einstein Analytics Cloud!

Wrapping Up

Salesforce has become the most powerful CRM having cloud migration and AWS cloud platform features. This connects customers, employees, partners, and agents into a data-driven online community. You can enhance its functionality by consulting a Dashboard development company to tap into CRM data and facilitate seamless communication. Moreover, Salesforce has revolutionized the customer service and enhances overall efficiency.

By making most of the Salesforce CRM, your business can bring desired growth and even unlock its full potential. It streamline processes, enhance collaboration, personalize customer experiences, and drive desired profitability. With rapid advancement and changes in market demands is on the rise, this is the best time for future-ready businesses to adopt cloud migration and enjoy the unique features in real time. The easiest way to find the right Salesforce Cloud is to consult a reputed agency like OrangeMantra to power up your business. They have relevant resources and right skills to deliver best solution in defined time period uplifting business performance.

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