How Grocery Mobile Apps has changed Business Model 

The whole world is facing an epidemic in the form of COVID-19 and with the strict implementation of social distancing & lockdown; people are buying daily products through online modes. At that time grocery app development came into the market with a wide range. Seeing the surge in online buying, brands are investing in retail technology solutions for better customer engagement with complete safety. Contactless payment, social distancing, sensors and biometric technology has become a new norm seeing the spread in cases.

With data clearly estimating that 70 per cent of shoppers prefer mobile devices while shopping, it’s not surprising that grocery brands have been targeting this segment of the market with the mobile app. Let’s say you’re going to develop a mobile app. Where do you start? To implement the most successful approach, it is important to know how people use mobile while shopping.

What motivates users to buy from grocery app?

The major factors that motivate people to buy from the grocery app are:

1) Consumer personalization

A mobile app should focus on a user’s personal needs and cater to their requirements.

2) Convenience

A mobile app should be easy to use and engaging so that a user doesn’t feel any glitch with buying.

3) Economic advantages

The grocery app should offer ways for users to save money, including coupons or discount offers.

The most popular grocery shopping apps hire Ecommerce developers to take these motivations into consideration. For instance, some apps allow users to create customised shopping lists, use AI to add items to a list as well as find and use coupons.

Topmost desired features in grocery apps:

1. Shopping list

This is the most important feature of a grocery app. In order to make it more interactive, it’s a good idea to include dictionary feature. All items when added are by default added to the dictionary in order to auto-complete it next time. Users can also use saved shopping lists for future preferences. This simplifies shopping to purchase the same products. The best apps also include barcode scanners, email sharing, and online list updating.

2. Transaction history

Users prefer using functionality to have an overview of their spending to check the main areas of spending and lower it is it exceeds a specific budget. Interestingly, this is one of the most desired features; top grocery apps in the App Store and Google Play Store have not integrated this feature. But those apps which allow users to stay within their budgets are more in demand than their competitors. But to enjoy this benefit, a user has to manually enter the product prices into the app.

3. Shopping list reminders

A grocery shopping app has a feature to remind users about the products that they’re most likely to run out of in the next one or two days. Several apps are available that have a reminder feature to let the users know when they will face grocery shortage. You can hire mobile app developers to integrate this unique & engaging feature.

4. Coupons and loyalty programs

Grocery coupons are a great way of customer engagement and come in different forms like seasonal, weekly, and daily sales. Many on demand app development company provide Online grocery services offering relevant coupons based on shopping history, current shopping lists, and user’s location. When users add products, the app alerts them if any coupon is available for a user loyalty card.

5. Gamification

Even though gamification is popular in educational, health, and fitness apps, grocery apps are also used. However, with gamification features grocery apps become more attractive. This includes a treasure hunt for coupons and other interactive features.

Conclusion:A grocery app that combines the above features with a user-friendly interface has a great chance of competing with other apps. If you include grocery inventory management features in your app by your idea and build a reliable app on it you will remain successful. So Don’t hesitate to stay in touch with us.

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